9 Jun 2020

Epoxy resins bring coatings to a gleaming shine

As the world’s leading supplier of epoxy resins, Nordmann partner Olin is always working to create innovative coating solutions for a wide range of applications. With fully back-integrated manufacturing and an extensive portfolio, the company is able to develop tailor-made products to suit the individual needs of its customers.

The new half-type resin D.E.R.™ 6625 from Olin has been specially designed for use in decorative powder coatings that feature low film thickness. It is particularly suitable for coating furniture, metal surfaces, automotive parts and/or household appliances.

Where aesthetics meet durability

Thanks to its low molecular weight, D.E.R.™ 6625 offers both high reactivity and improved pill flow. When formulated into a sophisticated epoxy/polyester hybrid system, the new half-type provides cured films with outstanding aesthetic and mechanical properties that give applications a whole new level of shine. Coatings based on D.E.R.™ 6625 also have a smooth appearance.