14 Jan 2020

ETHACURE® 300 – the safe alter­native to MOCA

Figure 2: E300 vs. MOCA Thermal Aging

Figure 3: Effect of Amine/Iso Ratio on E300 Elastomer Performance

Performance Optimization - Adjusting post-cure

A direct and powerful way to alter part performance is to adjust post-cure conditions. By Increasing the time and temperature of the post-cure, E300/TDI polymer performance is greatly increased, particularity tensile, tear, and compression strength. These performance characteristics are displayed in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Effect of Post-cure Conditions on Elastomers Cured with E300

Figure 5: Effect of NCO% on Elastomers Cured with ETHACURE 300

In Figure 6, E300/TDI systems were used to demonstrate that a 15 °C drop in prepolymer temperature nearly doubles the working time for formulators. During evaluation, when a 9.5 % NCO was used the pot-life is roughly 2 minutes at 80 °C. When the temperature is adjusted to 65 °C the pot-life doubles to 4 minutes. This trend repeats for prepolymers of lower NCO%.

Figure 6: Effect of Temperature on Pot-Life of E300 Systems