15 Mar 2019

DSM expands its product portfolio

The market for lactose-free products is growing rapidly. DSM, a partner of Nordmann and the world's leading lactase specialist, is also expanding its range. Maxilact® Smart is suitable for GMO-free products and is the fastest working lactase on the market.

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Today, the lactose-free dairy market is the fastest growing segment in the dairy industry. Lactose-free dairy is expected to be valued at €9 billion by 2022 and, at a current rate of 7.3% vs. 2.3%, continues to outgrow that of dairy overall. Within the lactose-free market, lactose-free milk is by far the most dominant sector, responsible for two-thirds of the lactose-free market and driving the absolute growth of the dairy industry. The second largest sector is that of lactose-free yogurt, which will reach a value of €1 billion by 2020. Globally, putting a lactose-free claim on a label is no longer niche; “lactose-free” is, in fact, among the top five leading health-related claims featured on newly launched milk products and appearing in an ever-wider range of dairy items. DSM, a partner of The NRC Group, offers a complete Maxilact® lactase portfolio to support the manufacture of lactose-free products.


A world-leading and complete Maxilact® lactase portfolio 

DSM is driven to support the production of better-quality food, and the company is proud to contribute effective lactase enzymes so that lactose-free dairy products can be made accessible to more people. In fact, DSM is the world’s leading lactase specialist and offers a complete portfolio of Maxilact® lactase enzymes that draw on over 50 years of expertise in science and lactose-free dairy applications.


Maxilact® LGi is the purest classic lactase

Maxilact® LGi is the only classic lactase available that is completely free of both invertase and arylsulfatase, making it also the only classic lactase that can guarantee a clean taste in end products.  Being a classic lactase, Maxilact® LGi is suitable for GMO-free labeling and offers a single-lactase solution for both regular and organic lactose-free dairy products. DSM produces its lactases in its own plants in Europe and therefore controls the production and performance of the enzymes in full.


Maxilact® Smart, the fastest lactase on the market

The growing lactose-free market has been creating new opportunities for dairy manufacturers but also driving the need for faster, more efficient production processes. DSM’s lactase experts have been inspired by this to create Maxilact® Smart, the latest addition to the Maxilact® range. Maxilact® Smart is the fastest working lactase on the market, suitable for GMO-free products and able to support a double-digit increase in production efficiency by enabling swifter manufacturing rates that still ensure clean-taste results.