11 May 2020

Convincing quality

High-quality N-Vinylpyrrolodine (NVP) from Nordmann's partner Nippon Shokubai offers distinct advantages for a variety of applications.

NVP is a well-known monomer in manufacturing and is used for a range of applications that includes printing inks, adhesives and personal care items. Based in Japan, Nordmann partner Nippon Shokubai utilizes one-of-a-kind manufacturing processes to produce its NVP that are more eco-friendly than traditional means of NVP production and at the same time achieve superior levels of product quality. These practices earned Nippon Shokubai a Kirkpatrick Honor Award and provide customers with significant advantages.

NVP in use

The issues most commonly faced by customers when using NVP are related to product purity and the material’s yellowish hue. Because of the color, most resins that feature standard NVP are not 100 percent colorless. Nippon Shokubai, however, manages to achieve purity levels of >99.5 percent and deliver a transparent, colourless and odorless product to customers. In turn, this allows for colorless and transparent resins to be created.

NVP from Nippon Shokubai has been registered in full through REACH.