17 Nov 2020

Cohesa® emulsions from Nordmann partner Honeywell

Water-based, environmentally friendly and sustainable formulating is now of ever-growing importance in the adhesives market, especially in – but not limited to – the pressure-sensitive tape and label segment. The unique Cohesa® wax-in-water emulsions made by the American company Honeywell provide an interesting tool with which to optimize the performance of formulations. Nordmann offers this product range on top of the well-established Honeywell A-C® additives.

Cohesa® emulsions are high solids-in-water polymer emulsions with minimal to no surfactant content. They are made with high-index polydisperity and medium molecular weight ethylene acrylic acid copolymers, homopolymers and oxidized polymers. Cohesa® can help formulators of water-based adhesives to achieve optimum performane and solve crucial challenges.

Outstanding features:

  • Cohesa® emulsions can work like associative thickeners, have minimal substrate penetration and are partially hydrophilic with high solids; they are therefore stable in low- and high-shear PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) processes.  
  • Adding Cohesa® to PSA formulations improves cohesion, adhesion and peel strength. This is especially useful for high-shear, high-speed and high-temperature applications.
  • The chemistry of Cohesa®, solubilized by a miscible tackifier and a base polymer, lends itself well to bonding to both high-energy, low-energy and flexible substrates, e.g. polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • Some grades of Cohesa® emulsions control oil bleed in removable PSA formulations.

The Honeywell team is constantly working on new grades of Cohesa® to meet the challenges of an ever-changing variety of applications.

The following chart provides an overview of the most important parameters of the current Cohesa®-brand product line: