2 Oct 2019

Better protection, fewer side effects

Long-standing Nordmann partner Hangzhou JLS Flame Retardants Chemicals Co. Ltd. is now offering a new halogen-free flame retardant that comes packed with benefits, especially for highly combustible polyolefins: NORD-MIN® JLS-PNA220.

Halogenated flame retardants are still often used for polyolefins, despite having undesirable
side effects such as a negative environmental impact, high heat release and the emission
of toxic gases.

Next-generation flame retardants

JLS’s NORD-MIN® JLS-PNA220 is a halogen-free, non-APP-based intumescent flame retardant. Its efficacy comes through phosphorus-nitrogen (P-N) synergism. It has a high level of processing stability and offers additional advantages such as significantly lower heat release, smoke density and toxicity. It is also easier to recycle than conventional flame retardants. NORD-MIN® JLS-PNA220 can be used in polyolefins, particularly thermoplastic
elastomers (TPE) and glass fiberreinforced polypropylene.