1 Oct 2020

Anti-aging solutions from Nordmann

Under the brand name NORANTOX®, Nordmann supplies antioxidants and UV stabilizers for applications in the plastics, coatings, construction and elastomer industries.

ant-aging solutions

Antioxidants and photoprotective agents are among the most frequently used additives in the plastics industry. Without these additives, advanced applications would simply be unable to perform under harsh environmental conditions. They are used to prevent molecular degradation and to inhibit or slow the rate of oxidation in plastics, both during processing and across the lifetime of finished products.

The NORANTOX® range currently includes the following products:

Norantox portfolio

All NORANTOX® products have been registered with REACH and are available to customers throughout Europe, targeting applications in the plastics, coatings, construction and elastomer industries.


Product recommendations, according to polymer type:

Polymer type

Broad portfolio of plastic additives

In addition to anti-aging solutions, Nordmann offers customers an extensive product portfolio of plastic additives that includes flame retardants (e.g. the NORD-MIN range), rheology modifiers, impact modifiers and pigments. As an expert in international chemical distribution,
Nordmann is committed to the highest quality standards and delivering outstanding application know-how as well as locally-based technical services, warehousing and fast, professional customer support from each of its 26 locations.

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