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CO₂NVERGE®: CO₂-based polycarbonate polyols

Innovative CO₂-containing polyols produced by Nordmann partner Aramco Performance Materials are used to make high-performance polyurethane adhesives. Their strength and excellent hydrolytic resistance make them outstanding choices for the most demanding coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. Nordmann distributes CO₂NVERGE® polyols in Germany.

Cancarb: Sixth production unit goes into operation

For the fourth time in its corporate history, Nordmann partner Cancarb is increasing its production capacity for Thermax® Medium Thermal Carbon Black products. Cancarb Limited's latest production line came into operation in February 2021.

Ingredion launches organic instant functional native starch across Europe

From pie fillings to salad dressings, Ingredion's newly launched NOVATION® 9460 organic instant functional native starch is suitable for making a wide range of sustainable organic products.

New flexible and fast-curing agent for epoxy systems

The world’s leading supplier of epoxy materials, Olin, has designed a new enhanced curing agent: D.E.H.™ 2725.

Relaxation for body and mind

Finding time to unwind is important, especially nowadays. Living in times overshadowed by the coronavirus means we need to find most of these opportunities at home, however, and so the new Relaxing Yoga Mask from the Nordmann laboratory is just the thing! Laura Ratz, Application Scientist Life Sciences Germany in Personal Care & HI&I, spoke to us about the benefits of the lab’s new product.


Momentive: Fit for the future

Momentive is planning to undergo a new transformation. Its campus in Waterford, New York, will be evolving from a basic commodities production facility to a global center specializing in customized, advanced silicone technologies.

PMC to launch new generation of organotin stabilizers

PMC Organometallix is responding to changes in REACH regulations: using its own proprietary fatty acid ligands that can be used alone or in conjunction with standard 2-EHMA ligands, the Nordmann partner has developed new organotin stabilizers.

New partnership with Cenway

Last year, the multinational chemical distributor Nordmann took over the distribution of butyl and halobutyl rubber from its partner Cenway New Materials to the German, English and Spanish markets.

Shell process oils from Nordmann

Nordmann News spoke with Claudia Schoke, Business Manager Industrial, Oleochemicals & Lubricants at Nordmann in Hamburg, and Eduardo David de Azevedo, Product Application Specialist Process Oils at Shell, about the specifics, requirements and special advantages of using process oils in the automotive sector.

Metadynea: new name, new products

Metadynea has now begun marketing the halogenfree flame retardants it produces in Krems, Austria under a new brand name: Sacoflam. At the same time, the company is launching two new products for wood applications. Nordmann News spoke about the recent developments with Ralf Meier, Business Manager Flame Retardants at Nordmann.


Novel Silver Metallics for Autonomous Driving

Conventional metallic pigments absorb or reflect radar beams and thus damp the radar radiation based on certain pigment concentrations. It was therefore long assumed that the established solid silver shades would no longer be feasible for autonomously driven vehicles due to their comparatively high pigmentation with metal pigments. Nordmann partner ECKART presents a product solution for metallic coating.

Kraton’s bio-based materials: building blocks for a successful bioeconomy

Kraton, a long-standing supplier of Nordmann, is continuously innovating its portfolio of bio-based products in alignment with bioeconomic objectives. Together with Kraton, Nordmann offers a wide range of bio-based tackifiers relevant for (but not limited to) adhesives and sealants formulations.

New VISIOMER® TMCHMA monomer from Evonik

Nordmann partner Evonik Operations GmbH is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies, headquartered in Essen, Germany. The company is expanding its monomer portfolio to include the new VISIOMER® TMCHMA (trimethyl cyclohexyl methacrylate), which is especially well-suited to use in adhesives, coatings and 3D printing.

Cohesa® emulsions from Nordmann partner Honeywell

Water-based, environmentally friendly and sustainable formulating is now of ever-growing importance in the adhesives market, especially in – but not limited to – the pressure-sensitive tape and label segment. The unique Cohesa® wax-in-water emulsions made by the American company Honeywell provide an interesting tool with which to optimize the performance of formulations. Nordmann offers this product range on top of the well-established Honeywell A-C® additives.

Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri yesterday, MARFRAN today: The passion for thermoplastic elastomers remains.

Anti-aging solutions

Nordmann expands partnership with Caremoli

Nordmann is immediately managing the German distribution of Caremoli Spa’s Carepsyllium, a high-purity psyllium husk powder. This move represents an expansion of Nordmann’s existing partnership with Caremoli, a family company whose tradition started in Italy in 1908.

Unlocking long-lasting, more natural makeup with Baycusan® eco E 1001

The development of modern makeup is becoming increasingly challenging as consumers require products that guarantee long-lasting performance and which feature a high level of plant-based ingredients.  The new Baycusan® eco E 1001 (INCI: Polyurethane-99) film former from Nordmann partner Covestro is made of primarily natural raw materials and can help tackle this challenge for formulators.

Anti-aging solutions

New water-free monomer from Nordmann partner Evonik

In addition to its line of aqueous VISIOMER® MPEG MA W products, the Essen-based German company Evonik Operations GmbH is now supplying pure, water-free VISIOMER® MPEG 500 MA in liquid form. Like Evonik’s water-based products, it is non-hazardous, easy to handle and suitable for a wide range of applications. Nordmann is managing the distribution of the new monomer throughout Europe.

Energizing and enabling e-mobility: silicone elastomers by MOMENTIVE

Nordmann partner Momentive offers LSR and HCR based material technologies, which meet and exceed demanding performance requirements of electric vehicles in a wide breadth of e-mobility applications.

Anti-aging solutions

Anti-aging solutions from Nordmann

Under the brand name NORANTOX®, Nordmann supplies antioxidants and UV stabilizers for applications in the plastics, coatings, construction and elastomer industries.

Sunhancer™ Eco SPF Booster protects from the sun, respects the planet

High demands are placed on sunscreens nowadays. Not only do consumers want them to look good and provide an extension to skin care and make-up, but they should also have a light, non-greasy feel on the skin. In addition, sunscreen products should align with the values of sustainability and biodegradability that are important in today’s world. Nordmann partner Lubrizol has the answer: the company’s new Sunhancer™ Eco SPF Booster (INCI: Copernicia Copernicia Cerifera [Carnauba] Wax [and] Oryza Sativa [Rice] Bran Wax).

NATURANGE – color that treats hair kindly

Today’s consumers won’t compromise on hair color performance; they want beautiful, lasting color from dyes that are not harmful to people or damaging to hair. As a result, the demand for gentle colorants based on natural ingredients and which still score high in terms of effectiveness (i.e. gray coverage and color stability) is increasing. That’s where the NATURANGE products from Nordmann partner Lubrizol come in to offer optimal solutions.

News from the lab:
Rich facial mask for
healthier-looking skin

Smooth, healthy and young-looking skin – who doesn’t want it?
And while having skin like that requires special
care, Nordmann Lab’s Renewing Face Mask
Cream is now here to provide optimal support.

Nordmann expands partnership with Mitsui Chemicals

Nordmann and Mitsui Chemicals Japan have collaborated together successfully on a variety of different projects in the past. Now, their partnership is being expanded to cover the distribution of Mitsui EPT™ in the European Union and Serbia.

New: Upcycling plastics with Kraton innovation

The American company Kraton, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is now producing CirKular+™ – a range of additives that enhance the reusability and quality of mixed recyclable plastics in a wide variety of applications. Starting this autumn, Nordmann will begin distributing these new products in several European countries.

New partnership with Armor Pharma

As of May 1, the international chemical distributor began supplying the German market with pharmaceutical-grade lactose products from the French manufacturer Armor Pharma (Armor Protéines SAS).

Monomers for 3D printing resins

3D printing is a rapidly growing type of technology that is finding its way into many fields, including medical solutions, plastics processing and prototype construction. With products such as VISIOMER® and MERACRYL™, Nordmann partners Evonik Operations GmbH and Röhm GmbH each supply innovative monomers that are optimally suited to use with these technologies.

Eco-friendly anticorrosion primer from SNCZ

Headquartered in Bouchain, France, Nordmann partner SNCZ is the world’s leading manufacturer of anti-corrosive pigments. The company supplies high-performance and environmentally friendly products based on zinc phosphate that are in no way inferior to standard grades in terms of quality.

Nordmann expands distributorship with Momentive

As of March 1, Nordmann is now distributing electronic materials from Momentive throughout Germany. This represents an extension of Nordmann’s existing distribution activities with the US company, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of silicones.

Focus on recycled plastics

At the end of 2019, French oil company and chemicals manufacturer Total announced its breakthrough ambition for environmental protection: upping its annual production of recycled materials to 30% by 2030, amounting to one million tons of recycled plastic per year.

The age of clean label: what consumers really want

“Substance over style” and “360° transparency” are the new priorities for today’s confident shopper.

New ELOTEX® product from Celanese

Nordmann partner Celanese, based in Dallas, is the global technology leader in the production of a diverse range of chemical products and specialty materials and has recently expanded its ELOTEX® series. The product line now includes the novel ELOTEX® FX1000, a redispersible polymer powder based on a copolymer vinyl acetate and vinyl versatate for boosting the performance of high-class, flexible cementitious tile adhesives.

Reliable rheology solutions

The paint industry’s demand for more efficient, sustainable and color-stable raw materials is constantly growing. Nordmann partner Nouryon has embraced this challenge and offers a portfolio of corresponding solutions.

Pro-environment polyols from Nordmann partner Perstorp: Voxtar™, Neeture™ and Evyron™

Perstorp’s innovative base polyols not only lower Co2 footprint but can also be found in all kinds of everyday applications, from walls to digital screens and even roads.

Epoxy resins bring coatings to a gleaming shine

As the world’s leading supplier of epoxy resins, Nordmann partner Olin is always working to create innovative coating solutions for a wide range of applications. With fully back-integrated manufacturing and an extensive portfolio, the company is able to develop tailor-made products to suit the individual needs of its customers.

Bloomage Biotech expands Hyafactor™ PGA line

Nordmann partner Bloomage Biotech is adding a fourth active ingredient to its Hyafactor™-PGA range. The product line now includes Hyafactor™ PGA-SHM, a natural moisturizer that features a super-high molecular weight.

News from the lab:
Taking care of body art

This section provides insights into the work of the laboratory and
presents news.
In this issue: Caring & Protecting Tattoo Cream.


The start of a REvolution™ in rosin ester

REvolution™ rosin ester technology helps advance the bioeconomy by providing adhesive formulators with new choices for biobased tackifiers. These brand-new products are now available through Nordmann.

Processing aids from Vibiplast

In addition to a vast product range that contains 650 different formulations of polymer-bound rubber chemicals, the Italian company Vibiplast also supplies additives with which to optimize manufacturing processes. Nordmann has recently starting distributing these in Germany.

Convincing quality

High-quality N-Vinylpyrrolodine (NVP) from Nordmann's partner Nippon Shokubai offers distinct advantages for a variety of applications.

Together into the future

Nordmann News spoke with Dr. Fred Heinze, Business Manager Healthcare Europe of Ingredion Germany GmbH, about his work, Ingredion’s portfolio and the company’s successful partnership with Nordmann.

New product from Ingredion meets big trends in food

Ingredion has expanded its range of plant-based ingredient solutions to meet increasing consumer demand for protein-rich products.

Focus on natural beauty

An expert in rheological additives, Lubrizol has launched two new and efficient natural thickeners as well as a sustainable oil derived from algae.

For indirect food contact and good adhesion on plastics

Nordmann is excited to be launching a new adhesion promoter: NORCOAT Bond 002. Peter Kuchenbrod, Business Manager Coatings & Inks at Nordmann, tells us more.

New casting system from Notedome

Notedome, Nordmann’s partner for polyurethane elastomers, has developed a new casting system based on polyether polyol that offers advantages such as extra-long pot life and easy processing.

News from the lab:
Eco-friendly hair care

This section provides insights into the work of the laboratory and
presents news.
In this issue: solid shampoos.


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