Nordmann Kompakt: Deo AP 31 Aug 2022

In this issue of Nordmann Kompakt we are showcasing highly effective aluminum chlorohydrate-based active ingredients for antiperspirants, as well as other alternative and natural active ingredients for deodorant formulations.

Nordmann Kompakt: Summer Skin Care 27 Jul 2022

In this Nordmann Kompakt presentation, we’ll show you a selection of raw materials for creating light and cooling textures for summer skin care products. You’ll also find tips on sunscreens and active ingredients that can be used in after-sun and tanning products.

Nordmann Kompakt: Color-Infused Skin Care 4 Jul 2022

In this new Nordmann Kompakt presentation, we look at what the term “color-infused” means and show you how to add color to your cosmetic and personal care formulations. We also introduce you to raw materials that can improve skin tone in hybrid skincare/makeup products.

Nordmann Kompakt: The skin’s microbiome 13 Jun 2022

With around one million microorganisms per square centimeter, our skin is home to many different types of bacteria that are beneficial to its health. In this Nordmann Kompakt presentation, we take a closer look at the skin’s microbiome and recommend ingredients for personal care formulations that are not disruptive to it and will also strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function.

Commitment to a better future 31 May 2022

Sustainability is a common thread that runs through everything that Nordmann partner DSM does – and has been doing for years.

Nordmann Kompakt: Men’s care products 13 May 2022

Do we really need gender-neutral personal care products? After all, the hashtag #nogender is popping up everywhere in social media channels, and it’s no surprise – the differences between men’s and women’s skin and hair are not all that significant.

New from our laboratory: sustainable care 24 Mar 2022

Natural ingredients, maximum yield and minimal packaging waste are features that many consumers focus on nowadays when purchasing cosmetics and personal care items, in addition to the beautifying effects they promise to deliver. In the Nordmann Labs of Hamburg and Stockholm, Application Scientists Ida Hansen and Annika Kramer work together to create innovative formulations that promote sustainability as well as beauty.

It all starts with the olive 23 Mar 2022

Olives, lemons, creeping thistle. It’s these renewable raw materials from the Mediterranean that Milan-based ROELMI takes as starting materials to produce their range of active ingredients and additives used for personal care products and dietary supplements. The company puts special emphasis not only on innovation and outstanding quality, but also on consistently sustainable manufacturing practices.

Sustainable use 23 Mar 2022

Today, many Nordmann customers in the personal care sector are formulating cosmetic products that feature the natural power of sustainable raw materials from European origin. Here’s a quick look at some portfolio highlights.

Perfect skin in digital meetings 15 Mar 2022

At the in-cosmetics® global trade fair in Paris, visitors can experience a new Nordmann skincare formulation – Pigment-Infused Face Cream – at the Formulation Lab®.

Welcome to in-cosmetics® global 14 Mar 2022

in-cosmetics® global is the annual meeting place for the who’s who of the personal care industry, taking place this year from April 5-7 in Paris. Nordmann News spoke to Dr. Ulla Seidel (Global Sales Director Life Sciences at Nordmann) and Benjamin Delorme (Managing Director of Nordmann France) about their expectations for the show, as well as about trends and other news from the industry.

A long-lasting solid: the Cotton Face Care Stick 11 Mar 2022

Less waste means more for nature! Many consumers nowadays like to use environmentally friendly toiletries, and it's no wonder: sustainable products like Nordmann’s new Cotton Face Care Stick also have a number of other benefits.

Quillaja saponaria Molina extract 11 Mar 2022

Quillaja saponaria extracts from Desert King International are perfect for any number of personal care applications and the company has been partnering with Nordmann to offer sustainable alternatives for clean-label products in the European market.

Nordmann Kompakt: Vitamins in cosmetics 8 Mar 2022

Vitamins are popular ingredients in skin care products because of the benefits they have on dermatological treatments and cosmetics. But what exactly do vitamins do, how can they be incorporated into applications and what form should they be in? Our experts have the answers!

Nordmann Kompakt: For babies and children 24 Feb 2022

In winter, skin is put under extra stress and strain because of the cold and the dehydrating effects of indoor heating. We’ll introduce you to the kind of raw materials and formulations that can help protect and care for your skin in the cold winter months.