12 Mar 2019

Skin Care: Natural Serum - A natural, fresh kick for your skin

Nordmann's laboratory produces new, market-driven framework formulations with the raw materials of various suppliers, supports customers with product development and carries out functional tests. We would like to provide insight into the work of the laboratory, today featuring the lab’s new Natural Serum.

3 questions for Annika Kramer, Senior Application Scientist

You have developed a new serum. What makes it unique?

Our new serum is a formulation that uses natural ingredients. It is clear, does not stick and features optimized flow behavior due to a special type of xanthan gum.

How is the new serum used?

Our serum has a light texture, but is enriched with many active ingredients. It is not intended to be a substitute but rather a supplement to an individual’s daily day and night skin care creams. Usually a serum is applied to clean skin to provide additional care.

And how does the new product work?

Our serum contains various active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, a proven moisturizer that protects the skin from drying out. Hamamelis extract is another ingredient that the serum features. This has an anti-inflammatory effect that relieves itching and protects the skin. Bioyouth™ NATTO, a fermented soybean extract, also provides protection but increases the skin’s elasticity as well.