20 Apr 2020

Together into the future

Nordmann News spoke with Dr. Fred Heinze, Business Manager Healthcare Europe of Ingredion Germany GmbH, about his work, Ingredion’s portfolio and the company’s successful partnership with Nordmann.

Ingredion and Nordmann have been in business together for over 20 years. What do you appreciate most about this long and successful partnership?
Nordmann is a leading international chemical distribution company that distributes specialty chemicals all over the world and represents major manufacturers like us from around the globe. As a globally-operating American company, Ingredion appreciates Nordmann’s long-term market experience, loyalty and professionalism as well as its focus on sustainability and performance. These are values we share.

What do you do at Ingredion?
I manage and develop our business strategies for Healthcare & Pharma, including sales in the Healthcare Raw Material/Excipients and Micro-encapsulation Starch divisions here in Europe. I am also directly responsible for several of our larger account holders in Europe and for our European
distributors in the field of Healthcare.

The nutritional supplements/nutraceuticals market is undergoing big changes. What sets Ingredion's portfolio apart in those industries?
Ingredion’s plant-based excipients, specialty starches, food ingredients and encapsulants provide pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies with reliable and consistent solutions for the stabilization, protection and release of active ingredients such as vitamins, carotenoids and nutritive lipids. Our products are also non-allergenic and non-animal in origin, derived from sustainable and renewable plant sources.

What applications are Ingredion's products used for?
They are often used, for example, to produce tablets through direct compression or moist granulation, but they find additional use as fillers, binders and disintegration aids. Other classic applications for our products include the filling of hard or soft capsules and the encapsulation of active ingredients. The UNI-PURE® range from Ingredion in turn features specially formulated corn starches for pharmaceutical dosage forms.

The beginning of the year saw new developments in the cooperation between Nordmann and Ingredion with concern to UNI-PURE®. What has changed?
Starting on January 1, we were able to expand the successful partnership we have had with Nordmann in Germany and Poland to now include Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, so Nordmann is currently distributing our UNI-PURE® pharmaceutical starches in those countries as well. We have high hopes for this new development and look forward to what is ahead!