15 Mar 2019

Ready for the future

All signs point to change, in today’s dynamic market and also at Nordmann. Nordmann is responding to shifting requirements in the international distribution business with a major course adjustment: a complete rebranding and redesign of its market presence. The aim? Creating a high degree of recognition among customers and suppliers across international borders.

When the NRC brand was created, the focus was on the distribution of chemical and natural raw materials and speciality chemicals in Germany and later also in Eastern Europe. Since then, the portfolio and the company’s international presence have developed steadily and Nordmann has become an internationally operating group. Taking a fresh look at our brand strategy was therefore the next logical step.

What remains and what changes

Our employees and our corporate values continue to form the basis of our business: human and value-oriented, forward-thinking and innovative, driven by commitment and expertise. The way we act and the passion with which we approach tasks and find suitable solutions - individual, reliable and committed - also remain unchanged. What will change is the appearance of the company. From now on, we will operate worldwide under a combined brand. Together with the slogan "knowledge in action", we have developed a new, uniform brand name, a new logo and a new, globally applicable corporate design.

"With the integration of the Melrob Group at the end of 2017, Nordmann not only significantly expanded its activities in Europe, but also took a decisive step towards expanding its business and portfolio in the Asia-Pacific region and North America. Our repositioning and uniform brand strategy now form the next logical steps on the way to becoming an internationally successful group of companies."

Dr Gerd Bergmann, Managing Director of Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH

New brand, new appearance

In future, all of the companies in the group will present themselves under a single unified brand: Nordmann. The 26 companies will retain their independence and organizational structures. With the Nordmann brand, we are pursuing a one-brand strategy that ensures a uniform appearance and increased brand awareness without giving up our flexibility and local responsibility.

The combined brand will boost distinction, increase its recognition and encourage the cooperation of all our employees at all our locations. Our new and uniform corporate design will further emphasize the affiliation of all the companies in our group and the advantages this has for our business partners. Still committed to the values of an independent family business, we are a strong partner who is proud to offer suppliers and customers a broad product and service portfolio, well-trained employees, economic independence and long-term orientation.

New brand as part of future strategy

The rebranding of our group is an important step toward a successful future, and it is part of a new and holistic corporate strategy. The new Nordmann brand makes it clear that the core business is still the distribution of chemical and natural raw materials and speciality chemicals, with the newly formulated aim of making greater use of the advantages of our international presence. In this way, Nordmann can continue to be the international distribution organization that our suppliers and customers need.

"The new brand comes from the heart of the company and is built on the feedback of multiple stakeholders. The core of the new Nordmann brand is familiar to employees and business partners. We are a modern, international and uniform company that has preserved its roots as a family business."

Carsten Güntner, Managing Director of Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH

Our brand in a nutshell

"Essentially, the culture of a company is determined by the people working for the company. The joint Nordmann brand gives all our employees worldwide a clear orientation. They will bring our values to life and take our company to the next level."

Felix Kruse, Managing Director of Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH