1 Oct 2019

New starches for healthy food products

Global ingredient solutions provider and Nordmann partner Ingredion has launched a new functional native starch and three new clean-label starches.

NOVATION® Indulge 2920 is Ingredion’s response to the food and beverage industry’s
demand for a cost-effective clean-label substitute for fat. The functional native starch enables manufacturers to develop healthier products without having to sacrifice the texture, thickness or creamy mouthfeel that customers love. It can also enable cost savings through the replacement of expensive ingredients such as fat and oil without any loss of quality.

Another advantage of using the new Ingredion product is that when NOVATION® Indulge 2920 is combined with a corn-based viscosifier, both ingredients can be listed together as “starch” – thus eliminating the need to list an extra ingredient on labels.


Ingredion has also launched three texturizing clean label starches under the brand name NOVATION® Lumina to help manufacturers satisfy consumer demand for clean-label and “natural” products. NOVATION® Lumina enables the formulation of clean-label products with consumer-winning sensory properties as well as excellent shelf life and freeze/thaw stability.
NOVATION® Lumina starches are ideal for light-colored or delicately flavored applications
and can be used in bakery cream fillings, fruit preparations, sauces, dressings, dairy alternatives and UHT (ultra-high temperature) products. The neutral taste profile of the NOVATION® Lumina starches allows for flavors and colors to be delivered with greater intensity. The three new ingredients have also been designed to perform across the full range of processing conditions and to provide a viscosity and gel strength comparable to those of
modified starches.