9 Jul 2019

New from Nouryon

Nouryon’s newly developed ELOTEX® HD2040 polymer powder offers the lowest level of capillary water uptake without
compromising on adhesion or impact resistance. The result?
Long-lasting composite thermal insulation systems (ETICS).

The use of ELOTEX® HD2040 in ETICS mortars also means tremendous downstream benefits. Significant improvements to the quality and durability of facades allows their service lives to be extended and the need for repairs or replacements to be reduced. This is made possible through the technical properties that the polymer powder features (Figure 1), including:

  • superior hydrophobicity and low water uptake of the dry mortar
  • reduced capillary water absorption
  • excellent surface hydrophobicity and durability

According to ETAG 004 (Guideline for European Technical Approval of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with Rendering), ETICS mortars are required to meet certain
standards with regard to adhesion, impact strength and hydrophobicity (capillary water absorption). Copolymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate (VAE) with high ethylene content
are the materials of choice to reach the requisite levels of adhesion and impact strength. The hydrophobicity required, in turn, can be achieved by using:

  • hydrophobized terpolymers that contain hydrophobic monomers. However, these have a negative influence on both adhesion and impact resistance.
  • fatty-acid-modified VAE copolymers, which are lacking in long-term hydrophobicity and must be used in high dosage levels to satisfy the capillary water uptake requirements of ETAG 004.
  • VAE copolymers modified with hybrid, silane/fatty acid technology. This represents cutting-edge technology.
  • ELOTEX® HD2040, which offers the best-in-class balance between hydrophobicity, adhesion and impact resistance.

By  using ELOTEX® HD2040, manufacturers can satisfy ETAG 004 requirements with polymer dosages of as little as 2%, even in demanding lightweight formulations (Figure 2). In
addition, using ELOTEX® HD2040 offers formulation freedom and cost optimization while making it possible to mix the product with standard VAE copolymers, e.g. ELOTEX® FX2320. ETAG 004 requirements can be met at a mixing ratio of 50% ELOTEX® HD2040 to 50% ELOTEX® FX2320 or other standard VAE copolymers, even in lightweight formulations.
In contrast, competitor products must be mixed in a ratio of at least 70% hydrophobic RPP to 30% ELOTEX® FX2320 (or other standard VAE copolymers) to achieve the same levels of performance.