9 Jul 2019

To success in partnership

Nordmann’s international network continues to expand! China’s first publicly listed manufacturer of antioxidants, Rianlon, has just become a new partner.

Rianlon is a government-certified National High-Tech Enterprise with four integrated production facilities.

Rianlon offers antioxidants and application technology consulting
for polymer materials worldwide. The company’s product
portfolio includes antioxidants (RIANOX), light stabilizers
(RIASORB) and individually developed blends (U-pack) for a variety
of different applications. The manufacture of all Rianlon products
meets international standards at each of its five production sites
in China. In addition, Nordmann’s new partner makes important
contributions to technological progress in polymer
materials by focusing on continuous product development and
global network expansion. Nordmann manages the distribution
of Rianlon’s entire product range throughout Germany.

Further information

Read more about the product portfolio on Rianlon's website