30 Sep 2019

Natural highlights

This section provides insight into the work of the Nordmann laboratory and showcases its latest news. In this issue: the Good Glow highlighter stick.

The Good Glow highlighter stick

Nordmann first launched its new highlighter stick this past April at the in-cosmetic® expo in Paris. Visitors to the fair were convinced by its quality after being able to try out the water-free and all-natural formulation for themselves.

Great look and feel

Nordmann’s Good Glow highlighter stick contains only natural, tried and tested raw materials. It is based on EMotion Light, Schercemol™ OLO and Lipex SheaLight™, which works color pigments into the formulation in a particularly homogeneous manner.

VALVANCE® Touch 210 ensures that Good Glow feels pleasant and velvety when applied to the skin. Nordmann supplies three different SunPURO® pigments for the highlighter: bronze, gold and iridescent gold.