14 Jan 2020

Liquid epoxy resins enhancing flexibility & crack resistance

As the world’s leading supplier of epoxy materials,
Olin is continuously innovating to develop coatings solutions for a wide range of applications. Olin’s
fully back-integrated production and extensive
portfolio allows the company to develop tailored solutions for its customers’ needs.

Olin’s liquid flexible epoxy resins D.E.R.™ 3912 and D.E.R.™ 3913 offer a proven
solution for coatings and construction formulators to enhance the flexibility and crack resistance of epoxy-based systems while maintaining strong adhesion and chemical resistance properties.

Customized properties upon request

D.E.R.™ 3913 is a ready-to-use, viscosity-optimized epoxy resin which can retain its flexibility even at low temperatures (down to -20°C). Free of
plasticizers, it can be tailored to balance flexibility with other performance parameters and is compatible with amine-based curing agents.

D.E.R.™ 3912 is a flexible additive rather than a ready-to-use resin, designed for use in high-solids coatings. It is fully aliphatic and also compatible with amine-based curing agents.

Both products are useful in environments with thermal stress and in applications such as crack bridging, adhesives (laminated wood, flexible mortars, composites), floor and walls mastic, road concrete, asphalt repair, parking structures and road curves.