20 Apr 2020

Eco-friendly hair care

Handy, eco-friendly and growing in popularity: solid shampoos are all the rage. The Nordmann laboratory has created its own version of this trending product.

At a time when reducing waste is a big issue, solid shampoos are just the thing. They don’t require any plastic packaging, they clean and condition effectively and can even be taken aboard planes in hand luggage. They are
also practical to use: just lather, massage in, rinse – done!

Convincing effects

Just like liquid shampoos, the Nordmann laboratory’s new solid shampoo contains quality ingredients: a deeply nourishing shea butter with good temperature stability
(Lipex SheaSoft™ TR), tapioca starch for anti-cracking effects (NATIVACARE™ 9360) and natural soap bark extract (FOAMATION® PC QDP Ultra Organic) and LATHANOL® LAL Coarse as a mild, anionic surfactant to ensure the kind of lather consumers expect. Adding the cationic polymer Merquat™ 3330DRY gives the shampoo bar good conditioning properties as well.