30 Sep 2019

Controlled charge

Say goodbye to electric shock with adjustable MARFRAN® E CD TPE compounds from  Nordmann partner FFE.

Too wired? MARFRAN® E CD TPE compounds from FFE can help.

Electrostatic charge can have unpleasant consequences, for instance when buying clothes. While trying on garments, the human body becomes electrically charged by way of friction generated through textiles. Afterwards one quick touch is enough to trigger a small electric shock.

Plastics also build up electrostatic charge easily. To combat this problem, FRANCESCO FRANCESCHETTI ELASTOMERI SrL. (FFE) launched an innovative solution onto the market several years ago: MARFRAN® E CD TPE compounds, which can be furnished with either antistatic effects or electrical conductivity through the use of additives. These additives can be grouped into three categories:

  • Intrinsically conductive polymers (ICP)
  • Ionic and/or hydrophilic additives
  • Conductive  fillers

Varied Assortment

FFE range includes:

  • MARFRAN® E CDP: TPE-S compounds based
    on SEBS, modified with specific intrinsically
    conductive polymers. The electric conductivity of
    these products are permanent, regardless of the
    later operating conditions. Good physical and
    mechanical properties are guaranteed by the
  • MARFRAN® E CDT1: TPE-S compounds based on
    SEBS with migrating antistatic additives. It
    should be noted that the antistatic effects of
    these compounds decrease over time and are not
  • MARFRAN® E CDT2: TPE-S compounds based
    on SEBS with a mineral filler and migrating
    antistatic additives. The antistatic effects of
    these products decrease over time as well and
    are therefore not permanent.