1 Oct 2019

Brilliant performance

Trendy colors with special effects: Nordmann partner Eckart has added two new synthetic pearlescent pigments to its popular SYMIC range.

SYMIC A 502 and A 522 produce earthy bronze and copper tones with a velvety sheen. Their synthetic mica base allows the two newcomers to achieve flawless pearlescent effects
that hardly affect base colors, and to create intense solid shades as well. This makes them ideal choices for a wide range of decorative interior applications. SYMIC A 502 and A 522 are
also the finest pigments in ECKART’s SYMIC product family, with particle sizes ranging from just 1 to 15 nanometers.

Great User Convenience

Eckart’s new SYMIC pigments are also convincing in terms of quality. They can be readily processed in all common aqueous or solvent-based systems and are characterized by having strong intercoat adhesion and a long shelf life.