A wide range of raw materials and a well-established network, working closely with local markets

Our state-of-the-art application laboratory will help you develop high-quality products. We offer a broad range of lab services that includes customized formulations, product testing, and support with statutory regulations and sales – just to name a few.  Our expert teams keep pace with the latest market trends and work proactively to find innovative solutions and create new formulations. We also collaborate with the laboratories of our external business partners, allowing us to draw on an even more extensive network of resources.
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News from the lab

Rich facial mask for healthier-looking skin 14 Sep 2020

Smooth, healthy and young-looking skin – who doesn’t want it? And while having skin like that requires special care, Nordmann Lab’s Renewing Face Mask Cream is now here to provide optimal support.

Taking care of body art 20 May 2020

As soon as temperatures rise in spring, you can spot them everywhere: tattoos. Making sure these look good for as long as possible requires a special kind of care, and the Caring & Protecting Tattoo Cream from the Nordmann Lab offers just this.

Eco-friendly hair care 20 Apr 2020

Handy, eco-friendly and growing in popularity: solid shampoos are all the rage. The Nordmann laboratory has created its own version of this trending product.

A new spin on the tried and tested 14 Jan 2020

A new spin on the tried and tested In the winter season, cold temperatures and dry air from heating systems can cause real problems for skin. The Nordmann laboratory can offer just the thing: its newly-formulated Protective Cold Cream.

Natural highlights 30 Sep 2019

Natural highlights This section provides insight into the work of the Nordmann laboratory and showcases its latest news. In this issue: the Good Glow highlighter stick.

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