thank you for 111 years

The 111th anniversary of the company is a proud occasion for Nordmann. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all our colleagues and business partners. Tradition and innovation are not in contradiction at Nordmann, but in harmony. Continuity, coupled with our passion for chemical distribution, is the reason for our success. We at Nordmann are cosmopolitan, rely on mutual trust and have a great level of knowledge that enables us to place our entrepreneurial activities on a sustainable and long-term basis. 

111 self-made toys donated for children in Romania

Nordmann AT Group colleagues are taking Nordmanns 111 years campaign literally.
 Last week (6-8 October) the colleagues of Nordmann AT Group (Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania)  met for their annual budget meeting in Sibiu, Romania. Not only did they debate sales and contribution margins, but they also worked for charity. In a joint workshop, all colleagues had fun and were creative in crafting 111 toys that will benefit a local non-profit organization. The organization helps children and families, with difficult family backgrounds or problems. Well done and many thanks to all who participated.

Nordmann donates 111 self-made toys
Nordmann donates 111 self-made toys
Nordmann donates 111 self-made toys
Nordmann donates 111 self-made toys

Nordmann donates 111 working hours for charity work

As part of our 111 years campaign and in the best Nordmann spirit, we would like to give something back and support our colleagues in doing something for the community. 

Nordmann donates 111 working hours
Nordmann Management team in Warsaw

Nordmann Management Teams also donates 111 hours for charity

During Nordmann's Gobal Sales and Markting meeting in June 2023 in Warsaw, the Nordmann management team was engaged in a good cause on an afternoon. The colleagues spent an entire afternoon helping to prepare a social therapy day-care centre in the Prague district of Warsaw for the children to move in. This local initiative benefits children with difficult family backgrounds or from foster families.It is meant to be a place of learning, but also of being a carefree child. It was a special matter for the Nordmann colleagues and everyone was enthusiastic and gave their best.
For 4 hours everyone dug, mowed, planted, painted and built. Enclosed are a few impressions. Now we are looking forward to seeing how the children like it. We will get back to you with impressions of the opening.

Knitting for those in need

Laura Wilber, Training & Translation at Nordmann Hamburg

"The charity I was supporting is called Sträkelclub am Basch, a small local organization in Hamburg that makes and distributes knitted and crocheted items to those in need through the Hamburger Tafel – and although I’m very familiar with charities such as this (I started knitting and crocheting items for charity nearly 15 years ago), I only just found out about this one Monday.
The Sträkelclub has regular meet-ups in Barmbek on the first and third Fridays of every month, where supporters can knit and crochet together, pick up donated yarn to make new items with, drop off finished items, etc. This past Wednesday morning, however, they had a meet-up scheduled at the welfare center in Barmbek (ASB Sozialstation Barmbek), and that’s where I connected with the group for the first time. I spoke there with the organizer and a few of the group’s regular supporters while sipping coffee and working on different projects together; I sat between a woman who likes to crochet hats, for example, and another who primarily knits socks. The organizer herself was crocheting a lacy summer scarf, and I cast on a pair of fingerless gloves with some yarn I’d brought along with me from my scrap-basket. While I was there, the organizer insisted on me taking home some of the donated yarn – so I snapped up several brand-new skeins of colorful wool to knit a striped pullover with. I hope to be able to finish and donate both before the summer is over!
   By the way, the whole group was excited to hear about the company and this new campaign – they thought it was really great!

Knitted socks for those in need
Fingerless gloves knitted by Laura

Volunteering for the Wilhelmsburg Creative Garden

The colleagues from Coatings & Inks Germany made use of the 111 donated working hours and did voluntary work on 07 and 08 September. For the project Stadtmodell Wilhelmsburg* - Kreativgarten e.V. they built a roof for the existing construction trailer and painted it to make it weatherproof. The perfect combination of volunteerism, fun and knowledge in action. 
* District of Hamburg 
 Many thanks to Britta Lindemann, Ina Schuchardt, Schanna Medeow, Andreas Stevens, Hannes Lincke, Maxin Chekalin, und Peter Kuchenbrod.
 About the Project
In 2007, the artist Kathrin Milan founded the project "zusammenwachsen Stadtmodell Wilhelmsburg".
Since then, children/youth from the neighborhood, children's groups from schools/daycare centers/daycare centers, volunteers from the neighborhood and countless volunteers at work days have been jointly designing a walk-in city model of Wilhelmsburg, an open workshop and a neighborhood garden as an oasis for everyone on the public green space.

Nordmann colleagues at Wilhelmsburg Garden.
Volunteering for the Wilhelmsburg Gardens
Nordmann colleagues at Wilhelmsburg Gardens

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Nordmann, an international leading company in chemical distribution, celebrates its 111th anniversary this year. In 1912, Hamburg entrepreneurs Eduard Nordmann and Fritz Rassmann decided to enter the rubber business. Today, Nordmann is an internationally operating chemical distributor offering raw materials and solutions for almost all industries. The company has its own production in Singapore, laboratories for cosmetics and food applications and is led by CEO Dr. Gerd Bergmann and CFO Ulrich Cramer.